Partial Wheeling Selections in a Pick-3

Partial wheeling selections in a Pick-3 bet means using a number of selections in each leg (part) of the wager in order to cover a greater number of possibilities of finish. The more numbers used in each or any leg, the greater the number of possibilities covered. However, the more numbers used, the greater the cost to cover the wager.

simple rule to remember to compute the cost of a wheeled or partial-wheeled Pick-3 wager would be as follows: The number of horses selected in Leg (part) A MULTIPLIED by the number of horses selected in Leg (part) B MULTIPLIED by the number of horses selected in Leg (part) CMULTIPLED by the dollar amount of the wagerEXAMPLE: If 2 choices were selected in Leg (part) A, 6 choices were selected in Leg (part) B, and 3 choices were selected in Leg (part) C, and the wager was made for $2, the cost would be computed 2 (selections in Leg A) x 6(selections in Leg B) x (selections in Leg C) x 2 ( dollar amount of wager )= $72.