How To Place A Bet
Placing a bet is easy. You never have to feel intimidated or that you’re going to say something wrong. Just remember these easy hints and steps.


  1. Say the name of the track Fraser Downs
  2. Say the Race Number Race 2
  3. Say the amount of the bet $2
  4. Say the type of bet To WIN
  5. Say the number of the horse On #8

Try our self-serve wagering terminals. They are simple to operate and you can get your bet in faster with no waiting in line. Machines accept winning tickets or wagering vouchers. Vouchers for any amount between $2 and up to $950 may be purchased at any betting window. Here’s all you do:

  1. Insert voucher or winning ticket with the print facing you right side up.
  2. Your balance will appear.
  3. Touch the track that you want to bet.
  4. Press the race you want to bet.
  5. Press the amount you want to bet.
  6. Press the type of bet you want.
  7. Press the number or numbers of the runners you want.
  8. Press ‘FINISH’ or ‘Bet Again’.

Your ticket will then come out and a new balance will appear. You may then select another transaction and repeat the process or press voucher and conclude your play. Make sure you take your tickets & your voucher before you leave the terminal.

Check Your Ticket Before Leaving The Window
Always check your ticket before leaving the teller window to make sure the bet, track, race number and date are correct. Tickets cannot be changed or cancelled after leaving the teller window. Tickets may be cancelled or changed through the self serve terminals.

Never throw your ticket away, unless you are positive it is not a winner. If there is any doubt, let the self serve terminal tell you by reading the ticket.

Collecting On A Previous Days Ticket 
Winning tickets from any prior race day may be cashed in at any mutuel window in British Columbia. Winning mutuel tickets never expire!

We’re Here To Help 
New to racing? Visit any of our Customer Service Centres located Fraser Downs. Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have, such as wagering instruction or facility information.