Busy day for FDGC opening

Slightly fewer than 4,000 people passed through the doors to try the action on the opening day of the Fraser Downs Gaming Centre. 

The facility, which houses 198 slot machines in the first phase of the centre, was close to capacity a couple of times through the day. 

Chuck Keeling, general manager of the FDGC, said revenue estimates were exceeded by 30 per cent. 

“We knew there could be minor glitches and there were,” said Bill McNeill, director of gaming. 

“Sheer volume at times compromised our efforts,” McNeill added, “but the staff did a phenomenal job and put in a great effort. No major issues arose. It was a learning experience and we will build off yesterday.” 

The excitement does not slow. By mid-August, the second phase of the temporary facility (where Legends was located on the ground floor of the Grandstand building) will be opened with another 200 machines.  

Work is already under way on the permanent facility, which will require the majority of a $25 million budget to complete and is to open in April 2005.