$5,000 Friday Draw Winners

Nov. 16th: Ross Lambert of Surrey was the final winner in the 11-week $5,000 Friday Draw promotion. Congratulations to all the winners.

Nov. 9th: Christina Bartos of Abbotsford came to the races for the first time ever and went home as a very happy winner of the Week-Ten $5,000 Friday Draw. The contest raps this Friday (Nov. 16).

Nov. 2nd: Longtime racegoer Robbie Robinson of Surrey was the Week-Nine winner in the $5,000 Friday Draw. Robbie said he wanted to date a "young one" if his wife would let him.

Oct. 26th: She was dragged off the couch to come to the track and Rose Stewart of Surrey was very happy that she did make it out to the Downs. Rose was the Week-Eight winner in the $5,000 Friday Draw and the fourth female winner in a row.

Oct. 19th: Jennifer Long of Delta said "no more student budget for me" after winning the Week-Seven draw on $5,000 Fridays. The popular promo goes to Friday, Nov. 16th and in all there will be $55,000 awarded to winners over the 11 weeks.

Oct. 12th: Week- six winner Ann Polak of New Westminster said she'll pay off some of her student loan with the $5,000 Friday Draw grand prize.

Oct. 5th: Karen Kokic of Langley smiles after winning the Week-Five draw.

Sept. 28th: Art Shudo of Surrey, a longtime fan of BC harness racing, took home the five grand in the Week-Four draw.

Sept. 21st: Bob Hanke of Chilliwack took home the top prize as the Week-Three winner in the $5,000 Friday Draw.

Sept. 14th: Lorne Morisset of Port Coquitlam was the big winner in Week-Two of the $5,000 Friday Draw.

Sept. 7th: Don Trottier of Coquitlam won the first of eleven $5,000 Friday Draws. The contest runs to November 16th.
Pics by Winners Circle Photography