Gone but not forgotten, Cruizin under knife and more barn notes

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Leading driver Bill Davis, as most Fraser Downs patrons know has departed for Edmonton where incidentally he chalked up seven wins in his first four days. He left when the Downs rolled back to one day a week of racing.

His results as a driver and trainer at the Fraser meet from opening day Sept. 7 (actually Davis did not arrive for the first few weeks) until April 15 were again dominating.

On the driver side Davis led in wins at 181, seconds at 114 and earnings $795,389. He was second in starts with 600 to Tim Brown's 616, in universal ratings at .449 to Serge Masse's .461 (Masse made only 99 starts) and in win percentage 30 to Masse's 33. Brown was also runner-up in seconds with 105 and earnings with $564,401, Jim Burke had the most thirds with 85 and Dave Hudon was next with 82.

On the trainer side Davis was tops in wins at 138, seconds at 70, earnings at $717,290, universal rating at .506 and win percentage 36. He was second to Wayne Isbister in starts at 403. Rod Therres was second in UTRS at .463 and win percentage at 32 while Isbister was second in wins at 56, earnings at $339,620, seconds with 67 and led in thirds with 53, one ahead of Hudon.

THE RACE IS ON: With Davis gone to Alberta the wins available to other drivers and trainers is easily noticeable. Last Friday Rick White was the leader with four driving wins and two as a trainer. Jim Marino, Scott Cisco and Tim Brown each had two driving victories while Greg Beneen and Wendell Smith also had two trips to the winner's enclosure as a trainer. On Friday, April 19, the first since Davis's departure and Scott Knight was the first to take advantage with three driving wins and two as a trainer. Marino and Jim Burke had two driving victories each.

CRUIZIN UNDER KNIFE: Fast Lane Cruizin had surgery today (Friday, May 3) in Ontario.

Fraser Downs patrons will remember that the five-year-old mare -- known in the East as B.C.'s Monster Mare -- missed her last start at the Downs. At that time it was reported that a breathing problem that had plagued her for years was acting up and that she may face surgery.

However, she did improve to the point where co-owner and trainer Phil Coleman decided to fly her to Ontario before any final decision was made.

"They (vets in Ontario) scoped her and found an ulcer in the back of her throat," Linda Coleman, Phil's wife and chief caregiver to Cruizin, reported this week while completing her trip by truck to Phil. "They felt it should be removed and decided to do it Friday."

In charge of the work on the mare who holds all kinds of records for B.C.-bred mares, is noted vet Dr. Hugh Llewellyn.

IT'S NOT FLORIDA BUT IT BEATS WORK: Speaking of the Colemans, remember the story of their nine-year-old gelding Royal Colt who was to be retired. It seemed for a matter of months that his retirement would be of the "dream" variety -- in Florida. However, that did not pan out. Now, however, he is happily semi retired. He has moved to a children's camp in McBride where he will be a hero with the kids who get to ride him.

ANOTHER POOL TO WIN: Fraser Downs has added a second Win 4 to the Friday night cards. It will begin with the ninth race. "It gives the racing fan another option on the longer card, Downs general manager Chuck Keeling said.

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