King of the Hill

Will you survive and win $500?

King of the Hill begins Monday, March 22nd and will run through June 21st (if necessary). Based on a Survivor type challenge, each week contestants will be asked to choose ONE winner from the Woodbine/Mohawk Monday race card.

Entry ballots will be available at the Welcome Centre, Finish Line Lotto Centre and on-line. Choosing a winner keeps you alive in the challenge for the following week, but pick a loser and you're out.

Contestants may only enter before the contest begins and must be HPI members. Entry ballots or on-line entries must be submitted by 4:30 pm on Monday, March 22nd to qualify and 4:30 pm each week following.  Entry forms will be made available on the Thursday of the contest week at the Finish Line Lotto Centre or you may submit your entry on-line any time up until 4:30 pm on the contest Monday.

The last contestant standing will be crowned "King of the Hill" and receive the $500 grand prize.

Only four people remain to battle it out, Survivor style, for the grand prize and they are:  

                   Bruce White                                     Chris Carr

                   Joe Sotelo                                         Bob Kosolofski                  

HPI Account Number
Woodbine Race Number
Horse Number