2005 Autumn Handicapping Classic

The 2005 Autumn Handicapping Classic had a runaway winner (Bob Glenn) but the fight for second place and the second spot in the World Series of Handicapping was fierce.

In the most exciting finish in any handicapping contest that Fraser Downs has ever held, Leonard Wong was able to come from behind to just sneak out a second place finish.


From Left: 4th Place - Henry Noronha, 2nd Place - Leonard Wong, Winner - Bob Glenn, 3rd Place - Steve Tatarinuk & 5th Place - Vinzenz Bauer

Bob Glenn finished with a mythical total of $181.50.  Finishing second was Leonard Wong of Calgary with $137.50.

Going into the last race of the day, Steve Tatarinuk held second place but ended finishing third with a total of $110.80.  Finishing in fourth and fifth places were Henry Noronha ($106.30) and Vinzenz Bauer ($95.00) respectively.

Bob and Leonard will join Doug Robertson as the Fraser Downs' representatives at the $1,000,000 World Series of Handicapping.

Good luck gentlemen!