Wagering on horse races is "pari-mutuel." This means that you bet against the other players, not against the racetrack. Horses which attract the most betting support will have the lowest "odds" and return the smallest payoff. The odds on each horse will change, of course, as the betting goes on.

For the convenience of bettors, the current odds for Win bets are displayed on the infield tote board and on television monitors throughout the track. Here are three examples of Win odds:

Odds Explanation
4-1 Spoken as "4 to 1." A $2 Win bet will return $10, giving you a profit of $4 for every $1 of your bet. 
5-2 Spoken as "5 to 2." At these odds, a $2 Win bet will return $7, giving you a profit of $5. 
8-5 Spoken as "8 to 5." A $5 Win bet will return $13, giving you a profit of $8. (A $2 bet will return about $5.20) 

Table of Approximate Odds

Odds Pays Odds Pays Odds Pays
1-9 $2.10 9-2 $11.00 3-1 $8.00
1-1 $4.00 2-5 $2.80 6-1 $14.00
9-5 $5.60 7-5 $4.80 4-5 $3.60
4-1 $10.00 5-2 $7.00 8-5 $5.20
1-5 $2.40 5-1 $12.00 7-2 $9.00
6-5 $4.40 3-5 $3.20 8-1 $18.00
2-1 $6.00 3-2 $5.00    

In addition to Win Prices, potential payoff prices for winning combinations of horses in feature bets (Quinella, Exactor, etc.) are also shown on the tote board and video monitors.

Is it really possible to make money playing the harness racing game? Of course! About 80% of the money wagered is paid out to winning bettors, so you have a good chance of showing a profit on any given day at the races. Enjoy the challenge of picking winners, bet sensibly and you'll get good value for your money!

We're here to help! Understanding the odds and other betting information may take a little time and practice. Don't hesitate to ask Fraser Downs staff members whenever you need assistance.