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Our Table Game selection includes:

Blackjack, also known as “21” is one of the most popular games and is rumoured to soon surpass poker as the ‘trendy’ card game in North America.
EZ Baccarat has become more predominant than the traditional baccarat. This game allows players to wager smaller amounts, the game is quite simple and has the best odds overall of any casino game. Our facility features one mini baccarat table.
Four Card Poker, this newer poker variation is very similar to Three Card Poker. There is no dealer qualifying hand, but the dealer receives one extra card to form their best hand. Players can raise up to three times their ante.

Three Card Poker, is a modified poker game where players have three different playing options and up to four different payment possibilities. The possibility of high payouts and a variety of different betting options make this game fun and enjoyable to play for even the most seasoned casino veteran.
Texas Shoot out Poker is a variation on the popular Texas Hold’em poker. Players select 2 cards from the four they are dealt. Then the dealer exposes the house hand and determines which two of the four cards they will play. There is an optional side bet, known as "Shootout Bonus®", where a player can be paid odds according to the ranking obtained. If the player's Shootout Bonus wager is at least five dollars, they qualify for the "Envy Bonus" feature, paid to a player if any other hand, (excluding the dealer's hand)and contains any of certain predetermined arrangement of cards.
Roulette is arguably the most popular casino table game in the world. This visually exciting game is not as complicated as it first looks and is easy to learn!