Texas Hold'em / Omaha

Object of the Game
The object is to have the highest ranking hand of five cards.

How to Play
Hold'em is a community card game. After players receive their initial facedown cards, there is a betting round. The dealer burns a card and deals three community cards (called "the flop") and turns them up. There is a betting round, and the dealer burns and turns the fourth community card. There is a betting round, and the dealer burns and turns a final community card. There is a final betting round followed by a showdown and the pot is awarded to the player with the best five card hand. Betting follow an established structure in limits games.

Example: $2/4 limit

1st & 2nd betting round: Bets & Raises of $2
3rd & 4th betting round: Bets and raises of $4

During each round, players who do not wish to continue in the game may fold. The number of individual cards dealt each player depends on the form of Hold'em being played.

  1. Texas Hold'em: each player receives two (2) cards to start, and at the showdown may play both cards and three board-cards, one card and four board-cards, or all five board-cards called "playing the board".
  2. Omaha: each player receives four (4) cards to start, and at the showdown must play two (2) of their holecards in combination with 3 board-cards.

Games use a flat disk called the dealer-button (or just "button") to indicate the theoretical dealer of each hand. The player to the immediate left of the button is first to receive a card. Betting action on the initial round starts with the player on the left of the last player to post a blind bet ("blind"). On subsequent rounds, the first active player clockwise from the button acts first.