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Telephone Account Betting

Another way to enjoy the thrill of betting without having to go to the track is by using the Telephone Account Betting (T.A.B.) system. There are no special surcharges and full track pari-mutuel prices are paid.

In order to use the T.A.B. system, you have to obtain a T.A.B. account. Application forms are available from Fraser Downs, or you can call (604) 576-9141 for further information.

Listed here is the legal information one should know when obtaining a Telephone Account Betting account.

1. Account Holder Responsible For Account Number And Code Name

Telephone betting accounts are for the personal use of the account holder. Account holders are responsible for all bets placed through their accounts by any person unless and until notice has been received in writing by Fraser Downs that the account has been canceled. The account holder bears full responsibility for maintaining the secrecy of his account number and code name.

2. Deposits And Withdrawals

A deposit or withdrawal of money to an account can only be made by the account holder or his legal representative. Deposits can be made in person or by mail. If deposits are made by cheque, the account will not be credited until the cheque clears the bank. ALLOW 10 DAYS. Withdrawals can be made in person during the business hours of the T.A.B. system or by mail. Accounts may be closed in the same manner as withdrawals. No withdrawals can be made after post time of the 9th race.

3. Account Balances Do Not Earn Interest

Money on deposit will not bear any interest to the account holder.

4. How Can Bets Be Placed?

You will be asked for you CODE NUMBER. The operator will enter your code number into a video display terminal and the details of your account will be displayed on the video terminal including your account balance and CODE NAME. You will be asked for your CODE NAME and if correctly provided, you will be advised of you account balance and will be able to make wagers up to the balance in your account. After you have made your desired wager the operator will repeat the wagers to you and you will be asked to confirm the wagers. WHERE A DISPUTE ARISES AS TO WHAT NUMBER OR DENOMINATION OF BET WAS REQUESTED, THE TAPE RECORDED BET TRANSACTION DATA RESTATED BACK AND ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE CALLER AS CORRECT SHALL BE CONSIDERED THE ACTUAL BET.

Of course you can make wagers against your balance more than once. Your account will be credited with winning tickets instantaneously so that you will be able to make wagers against your winnings.

5. No Credit Betting

There is not credit betting. Only account holders will be able to bet by telephone and only up to the balance in their account.

6. When Can Bets Be Made?

Bets can be made by telephone each racing day until the conclusion of Fraser Downs' season. The system will open several hours before post time of the first race through post time of the 10th race. Account holders are urged to make wagers as early as possible. It takes longer to process a bet by telephone and there is more possibility of being "SHUT OUT".

7. Triactor Wagers

It is a B.C. Racing Commission rule that there must be a minimum of 7 starters in all Triactor races and therefore betting does not open on the last race until all horses for that race have been examined by the Racing Commission veterinarian. Therefore, betting on the last race will only be accepted from the time the windows open till post time of the last race.

8. Scratches and Driver Changes

Account holders will be informed of scratches and driver changes if requested when placing their bets, but the operators WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO GIVE ODDS OR RESULTS OF PREVIOUS RACES, please ask for selections by numbers.

9. Written Statements

Written statements of accounts will only be provided upon request and will contain betting data pertaining to a maximum of 21 days preceding the request. Fraser Downs is not required to provide a statement more than once every 21 days.

10. Claims

Any claims by the account holder that his or her statement of account is incorrect should be made within 14 days of the statement date.

11. Cannot Cancel Bets

No bet shall be canceled by an account holder once the bet has been accepted and recorded in accordance with Agriculture Canada Regulations.

12. Account May Be Closed By Fraser Downs

Fraser Downs reserves the right to close the account of any account holder for any reason by returning the account balance and a closing statement.

For Your Reference

For credit card deposits, Call 1-800-565-4215. Give your T.A.B. account number and your Credit Card account number along with expiry date.

Service Fees - (including G.S.T.)

Deposit Fee
$20 - $50 $4.28
$51 - $100 $6.42
$101-$200 $8.56



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